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Screencast sobre SQL Server Denali Developer Tools Juneau


Wait Stats in SQL Server

When you are optimizing a SQL Server installation you must look at the Wait Stats in SQL Server and the easier way to check them is using the following DMVs  sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks, sys.dm_exec_requests and sys.dm_os_wait_stats.The sys.dm_os_wait_stats contains aggregated information about wait statistics for SQL Server, you must be aware that these wait statistics are aggregated at the server level, and there is no detail level available in this DMV. The following scripts queries this DMV.SELECT *
FROM sys.dm_os_wait_stats
ORDER BY wait_time_ms DESCThe previous query returns the all waits with an accumulated wait time expressed in milliseconds. Because these wait stats are cumulative since the SQL Server service started to run, one way to clear these counters is to execute the DBCC SQLPERF(“sys.dm_os_wait_stats”,CLEAR) and from this point SQL Server begins to accumulate the wait stats again. Best Regards,Eduardo CastroMicrosoft SQL Server MVP

Video de Overview de SQL Server Denali

Les comparto este video de introducción  a las principales características de SQL Server Denali Saludos,Ing. Eduardo Castro Martínez

Screencast Introducción al desarrollo con SQL Azure y Windows Azure

Les comparto este screencast en el cual vemos el desarrollo de bases de datos en la nube con SQL Azure,Ing. Eduardo Castro Martinez

Arquitectura de Aplicaciones con SQL Azure

Les comparto esta presentación que utilicé en la charla sobre desarrollo de aplicaciones en la nube con SQL AzureCloud application architecture with sql azure and windows azureView more presentations from Eduardo Castro. Saludos,Eduardo Castro Martinez