Monday, April 26, 2010

SQL Azure implements Open Data Protocol

SQL Azure now implements the Open Data Protocol, the Open Data Protocol (OData) is an emerging standard for querying and updating data over the Web. OData is a REST-based protocol whose core focus is to maximize the interoperability between data services and clients that wish to access that data. It is thus being used to expose data from a variety of sources, from relational databases and file systems to content management systems and traditional websites. In addition, clients across many platforms, ranging from ASP.NET, PHP, and Java websites to Microsoft Excel and applications on mobile devices, are finding it easy to access those vast data stores through OData as well. Full information about OData can be found on its dedicated website.

You can subscribe to be an early tester of SQL Azure Open Data Protocol here

You can also read a full sample here




Ing. Eduardo Castro Martínez, PhD – Microsoft SQL Server MVP

Costa Rica

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