Creating a SQL Server 2008 SysPrep Image

Starting with SQL Server 2008 R2 Microsoft has added the SysPrep feature to the SQL Server setup, in this way you can now have a server or workstation image with SQL already installed, to create the image you must copy the setup files into the local disk, then when you run the setup you will see a new option among the already known ones:


What you need to do now is follow the setup wizard and at the end execute the sysprep utility. After you have cloned you machine and ran the sysprep mini setup you will see an option to finish the SQL Server configuration, as shown in the following image:



There are some limitations as peteras pointed ( out on his blog:


  1. Only the database engine and reporting services supports Sysprep
  2. Cannot be used for clustering scenarios
  3. Not supported on IA64 system or supported in WOW64
  4. The installation media need to be available when preparing an image and configuring the image. When Sysprepping a SQL Server Express, you need to extract the files to the local machine before preparing the image.


More detailed step can be found here




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