Evento SQL Server Unleashed

El 30 de junio Michael Campbell impartirá un seminario web en el cual se cubrirá los siguientes temas: virtualización y consolidación para SQL Server. La agenda completa es la siguiente:

  • See how virtualization and consolidation benefits apply to SQL Server and understand why there's never been a better time to virtualize SQL Server deployments.
  • Learn how to best virtualize SQL Server in order to optimize provisioning, uptime and consolidation without allowing virtualization to impair workload throughput.
  • Understand the benefits and limitations of each of SQL Server's native high-availability options, and learn how to evaluate each option based upon business needs, network latency and other real-world considerations.
  • Learn the difference between High-Availability solutions and disaster recovery solutions and ensure that both critical concerns are handled in the best way possible.
  • Gain insights into what causes SQL Server performance problems and learn about the best ways to profile, load-test and tune SQL Server workloads rather than just throwing more and more expensive hardware at each problem as it is encountered.

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    Eduardo Castro – Microsoft SQL Server


    Costa Rica

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