Thursday, May 29, 2008

24 horas sobre SQL Server 2008

No te pierdas esta serie de eventos sobre diversos temas de SQL Server 2008.

Throughout the 24 Hours of SQL Server 2008 series, we use Contoso (Container Overseas Shipping Operation) LTD as our scenario customer while we explore the features that make SQL Server 2008 a productive data platform. 

24 Hours of SQL Server 2008 Webcast Series

Contoso is a (fictitious) shipping company that delivers all kinds of items around the globe, from small individual items to large manufactured items. While they are happy with their in-house applications and believe they provide a significant advantage over competitors, Contoso wants to ensure that these applications are running on the most productive platform to maintain this advantage, especially as their business grows worldwide. Their recent growth has been mirrored with the growth of its data, from client voice mails to scanned and e-mail documents which has led Contoso to look at options for its storage, access, security, and searching needs.

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